“This is truly the BEST POPCORN ON EARTH!!! I am totally addicted.  And now my entire office is addicted to it as well!!! We have a “Popcorn Pool” and I order at least twice a month.”

___Dawn, Woodbridge, NY

Help! My store just ran out of Stosh’s Kettle Corn and there’s no 12 Step Program for getting off it!”

___Mary from Massachusetts

“Excellent! It was a crowd pleaser!”

___Lindsay, Whole Foods, Bellingham MA on Taste Test with Team.

“Thank you for making our event again this year a great success, the students love Stosh’s!”

Robyn, Princeton University, NJ

“You have a great product and I used to be able to buy it at Tractor Supply, in Liberal, Ks. But it is a newer store, and I don’t think they understand how to keep the shelves full. I ask them about ordering  some for me and was told they have 32 people on a rain check list for your product, and I would be #33. Maybe I should become a dealer for you!!!!”

___Phil, Liberal, KS

“Stosh’s Kettle Corn is the most delicious gift you can give yourself or your loved ones!”

___JT. New Milford, CT

“Absolutely the freshest, most amazing Kettle Corn ever!  Thank you, Stosh!”

___S. Salisbury, CT

“It’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty, tell Stosh he really did it!”

___Holly, Kent, CT

“Oh my goodness! I (thankfully) tried some of this deliciousness when I was in Kent last weekend for the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival….I am SO HAPPY to find I can order it online!! Can’t wait to buy some for everyone I know!! YUM! This Florida girl is VERY happy!”

___Ashey W. (Florida)

“My family and I really enjoy your Kettle Corn and buy it whenever we see it on display. You can tell that it’s made in small batches with loving care because there are no hard kernels in the bottom of the bags. The taste is just right and satisfies that sweet and salty craving!
I will continue to buy it and recommend it.”

___Diane Gates, New Milford, CT

“The absolute best Kettle Corn EVER….can’t get enough….I agree 100% with a previous comment with the care taken when making every bag. There is little to no hard kernels so therefore, none of this goes to waste…keep up the great work…we will continue to purchase your product and spread the word how amazing your kettle corn truly is.  Thank You!


“This is the best tasting kettle corn I have ever had. I’m turning all of my friends on to it!”

___Nathan, Danbury, CT

“Thank you for making the best popcorn that anyone in my family has ever had! It’s actually gotten pretty bad, I don’t know if they have Kettle Corn Anonymous, but I think we all might need it!”

___Nicole, Glastonbury, CT

“I just wanted to tell you that your product was not what I expected. I’m really not into popcorn but your kettle corn is the perfect blend of sweet and salty, I loved it.”

___Tami, Shelton, CT

“I reluctantly tried your Kettle Popcorn the other day because my girlfriend Zoey said “You have to try it!” I’m not a Kettle Corn fan, in fact Zoey orders it and I always have plain popcorn. But this stuff is amazing!  It’s so good I couldn’t put it down.

___Nick, Guilford, CT. 

“I came back two minutes after buying our Kettle Corn and said:
“This bag won’t last the ride home, I’ll take another bag please.”

___Bill H. Brooklyn, NY

“I just wanted you to know, this is the best popcorn I have ever had in my entire life!!!”

___Bonne Westchester, NY:

“This is the best Kettle Corn in the whole wide world!”

___Marly from Queens, NY

“I love this stuff – I eat a bag daily.  I buy it at Tractor Supply in Blufton, SC.”

___Larry from South Carolina